> アルガンクリーム Creme d'argan

適量を手にとり、少し手の平で暖めると柔らかく肌になじみやすくなります。 固めのクリームなのでスプーンやへら等、スパチュラをお使いください。
This cream is little hard. If it is difficult to take the crème out from the container, please use tea spoon or butter knife.
If the cream is too hard to apply to your face, please take the appropriate cream and warm it by hand.

Attention : Please stop using the product if you feel strange or uncomfortable. If you get an allergy please consult with doctor
immediately. The smell might change uncommonly because of a simple, delicate cream. In that case, please wipe the surface of
cream and the inside of the bottle lightly in the tissue etc. Please avoid direct sunlight, and keep it in the cool dark place.

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